What is Performance Mesh?

PerformanceMesh was developed for Live Performance/show control where multiple performers and Artists needed realtime control of Pyrotechnics, lasers, lighting, sound,video control and other special effects. Each artist can move freely around a stage utilising camera motion sensing, sonar range distancing and hand control of his or her part of the show. Open sound control an industry standard is used for sending data around the wireless network. This robust protocol is used throughout the industry. We will continue to add wireless sensors to the Performance family but if you have any custom requests or requirements or a tailor made performance mesh please contact us.

PerformanceMesh - The Complete Range

PerformanceMesh - An Introduction

The Performance Mesh Range


Beacon Track

The BeaconTrack sensor module uses multiple Infrared transmitters and receivers that track users around a venue. Reporting information in real time.


Color Track

The ColorTrack sensor module consists of a WiFi based camera module reporting information in real time. Fast vision sensor used for DIY robotics apps.

DataGlove Left Hand

Data Glove (Left Hand)

The DataGlove system provides 5 high accuracy joint angle measure sensors. Transforms finger and hand motion into real time data. Left hand version

DataGlove Pair

Data Glove (Pair)

The DataGlove system provides 5 high accuracy joint angle measure sensors. Transforms finger and hand motion into real time data. Pair of gloves

DataGlove Right Hand

Data Glove (Right Hand)

The DataGlove system provides 5 high accuracy joint angle measure sensors. Transforms finger and hand motion into real time data. Right hand version

Data Shoe (Pair of two)

The DataShoe system provides 5 high accuracy pressure sensors. Accurately transforms foot motion into realtime data. Pair of insoles


Digi IO

The Digi IO module consists of 8 switching relays that can be used to control external devices.


IR Cam Track

The IRCamTrack sensor module is a WiFi based camera module that reports movement and pixel data, or visible and IR light sources.

OSC Video Player

OSC Video Player

Windows 64 Video player with simple effects, text over, video wall, etc. All functions can be controlled by the Open Sound protocol.


Performance LED

PerformanceLED is an OSC Addressable LED Strip Controller with effects

PerformanceMesh Central

Performance Mesh Central

Message translation and patching tool that converts incoming messages, redirects them to an Artnet, MIDI ,DMX, OSC, RS232 and Pangolin laser software


Pressure Track

WiFi system using OSC protocol to identify users by their weight profile. The sensor sends an OSC message to the network identifying the performer.


Skele Track

The SkeleTrack module consists of a kinetic camera system that can be used to track body movements.


Totally Unique Language Interpretor (TULIN)

Message translation and scripting tool that converts incoming messages, redirects them to an Artnet, MIDI ,DMX, OSC, RS232 and Pangolin laser software

PerformanceMesh Startup Kit

Ultimate Performance Mesh Pack

Package contains a pair of DataGloves, ColorTrack, IRCamTrack, Pressure Track in a high quality Flight Case.



PerformanceMesh To Pangolin Beyond is a completely free program. It is an OSC message translation tool that translates incoming Multicast messages and redirects them over local address to a format that the Pangolin Beyond laser program can easily process.

These are messages that are being sent from our range of sensor modules. These include DataGlove, IRCamTrack, ColorTrack, DataShoe, PressureTrack, BeaconTrack, SkeleTrack and PerformanceLED.

In order for these messages to control laser functions, customer servers must be created inside Beyond. We have made this an easy process by providing example scripts in Beyond loadable format.

About Pangolin Beyond:

Beyond is a professional laser design software made for lighting professionals, and used to create the world’s highest quality laser shows and effects. Beyond supports all lighting protocols including DMX, ArtNET, MIDI, SMPTE timecode and OSC, making it easier than ever before to integrate lasers into any multimedia show or design. Beyond provides you with a complete suite of tools to create any sort of laser display you can imagine, and then gives you the functionality to control your content however you desire (from a lighting console, PC, over timecode, from a MIDI device, or in combination with other multimedia elements).


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About Us

David Hickford


From developing MIDI Products in the 1980’s David was Contracted to build the first working Laser Harp for Jean-Michel Jarre's Docklands concert. David went on to form and run Laser Innovations for over 20 years; a hugely successful company designing laser control systems. Laser Innovations sold to regions across the globe. They were asked to supply high power laser systems, specially modified to work in the Forensic sector. This led to an ongoing relationship with UK and worldwide Police forces. After a number of successful years David then decided to sell the business and retire. A year later David then formed Laser Technology. One of Laser Technology’s first orders came from Blackpool Council to provide a fully automated long range wireless laser system. However David's real love was pioneering interactive technology for the music and performing arts industry. Coincidentally David was introduced to Iskender Paydas and Ferman Akgul, hugely talented musicians in the Turkish music industry. They have collaborated on several projects including a 13 string laser harp and is currently working on a MIDI laser guitar. For the past 2 years David has been working on PerformanceMesh, a fully interactive control system.      

Robert Black

Sales and Marketing

25 years' experience running my own sales business (business to business) in the United Kingdom. I sold tools and security products into the engineering, construction, electrical, security and DIY sectors. Customers ranged from small sole traders to large household name multi-nationals. Spent the last 10 years working online developing web based businesses, copywriting, creating training programmes and marketing.

Tülin Barut Hickford

Administration and Design

10 years experience in design and admin

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