IRCamTrack   The IRCamTrack sensor module is a Wifi based camera module that reports movement and pixel data, or visible and IR light sources. The FOV (field of view) is 42 degrees horizontal by 31 degrees vertical. Pixel resolution is 1024 x 768. These devices can be used as part of our performance mesh network, or for custom applications customers can use our free SDK in a standalone application. It uses the popular SRF05 sensor module; drawing less current while having an increased range over previous technology. With a tight beam width, low power and fast reading rate, the IRCamTrack is ideally suited for object avoidance in robotic applications. Simple fixed point calculations can provide distance approximations for use in further calculations, robotic mapping, or path planning. IRCamTrack sensors can be used for simple object detection and collision avoidance, without having to worry about ambient light issues as with infrared type sensors. These sensors are perfect for use on autonomous ground vehicles as collision avoidance sensors. They are also great for detecting presence or movement of objects in a field (e.g. stage area, alarm systems). See datasheet for more information.