PerformanceMesh now on Social Media

So the design, development and implementation of the PerformanceMesh range has now reached the point where we are ready for the “soft launch”. We all know social media has become more and more important over the last few years, and this is a vehicle that we will be using. Direct engagement with users and potential users is critical for a project such as this.

A lot of the ideas for these products came as a result of suggestions from some well-known people in the music and entertainment industries.

“Wouldn’t it be great if..”

“Why has no-one ever done…”

“I wish it were possible to…”

“My life would be so much easier if…”

And so on.

As the project has progressed, changes have made to design and specifications as a consequence of direct user feedback. So we positively welcome your feedback and your ideas! PerformanceMesh is your project as much as it ours!

So we now have a Facebook Page, where you can catch up with the latest news; not just about PerformanceMesh but the wider industry. Let’s hear your opinions and join in the discussions. Like us, share us, spread the word!

Performance Mesh Facebook Page

Obviously with a product range like this, showing how it works rather than just writing about it is critical. Ours is clearly a visual and an audio industry. So to that end we have added a Youtube channel, which will be regularly updated with fresh content.

Performance Mesh Youtube Channel

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