Performance LED

PerformanceLED is an OSC Addressable LED Strip Controller with effects


OSC Addressable LED Strip Controller
OSC Controlled LED Strip with effects


PerformanceLED currently supports WS2811 LED strips. The controller allows the selection of 20 palettes and 36 different effects, brightness and turning on and off the LED strip are supported. There is an inbuilt sequencer that allows the unit to run through the stored effects. Alternatively the module can operate in non-intelligent mode allowing lighting control software packages to directly address individual LEDs. All of these functions can be actioned by OSC and are supported in our applications Tulin and PerformanceMesh Central.

PerformanceLED v3.1 continues support for more than a dozen popular addressable LEDs:

NeoPixel, WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, DotStar, APA102, APA104, GW6205/GW6205_400, P9813 Total Control Lighting LEDs, USC1903_400, Pixelmatix SmartMatrix, WS2801, LPD8806, LPD1886, TM1809, TM1804, TM1803, and SM16716!


Rainbow Colors Blend, Rainbow Stripe Colors No Blend, Cloud Colors Blend, Lava Colors Blend, Party Colors Blend, Red White Blue, Red White Blue Blend, Heat Colors No Blend, Purple Green Blend, Totally Random Blend, Black White Striped No Blend, Black White Striped Blend, Red Blend, Green Blend, Blue Blend, Cyan Blend, Yellow Blend, White Blend, Rainbow Blend

Inbuilt Sequences:

Rainbow, RainbowWithGlitter, AddGlitter, Confetti, Sinelon, Bpm, Juggle, TripleBounce, DoubleChaser, RingPair, Wave, WaveInt, Spark, Strobe Fast, StrobeSlow, BouncingBallsRed, BouncingBallsGreen, BouncingBallsBlue,  FadeInOut, HalloweenEyes, CylonBounce, Kitt, Fire, Twinkle, TwinkleRandom, Sparkle, SnowSparkle, RunningLights, RainbowCycle, TheaterChase, TheaterChaseRainbow, MeteorRain, Blend Animation, Beat Wave, Blur.

A list of OSC messages to access the controller


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