Ultimate Performance Mesh Pack
£3,600.00 £3,168.00

Package contains a pair of DataGloves, ColorTrack, IRCamTrack, Pressure Track in a high quality Flight Case.

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Package contains:

  • 2 x DataGloves (1 left handed, 1 right handed)
  • 1 x ColorTrack
  • 1 x IRCamTrack
  • 1 x PressureTrack
  • 1 x Flight Case

Normal Total Price: £3605

Special Introductory Offer Price: £3168

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The DataGlove system provides 5 high accuracy joint angle measures sensors. It uses bend sensor and pressure sensor technology to accurately transform finger and hand motion into real time data. DataGlove can be used in a wide variety of applications including, animation, robotics, virtual reality and medical. Data gloves can be bought singularly or as a pair and can be configured as left or right handed. This is the Right Hand version

Extremely thin bend and pressure sensors: less than 0.35mm thickness.
• 12 bit ADC sampling for accurate bend detection.
• 1 Bend Sensors and 1 Pressure sensor per finger.
• 1 Ultrasonic distance sensor per glove
• Complete 9-DOF orientation sensors (roll, pitch and yaw) for hand orientation; a 3 axis gyroscope, a 3 axis accelerometer and a 3 axis magnetometer.
• Matrix Keypad for custom user control

Comes complete with Setup Utility allowing you to fully configure and calibrate your DataGlove






The ColorTrack sensor module consists of a Wi-Fi based camera module reporting information in real time. ColorTrack is a fast vision sensor used for DIY robotics and related applications. You can teach ColorTrack an object just by pressing a button.


The IRCamTrack sensor module is a Wi-Fi based camera module that reports movement and pixel data, or visible and IR light sources. The FOV (field of view) is 42 degrees horizontal by 31 degrees vertical. Pixel resolution is 1024 x 768.

This comes complete with the IRCamTrack setup program, a Windows 64 PC application providing an easy graphical way to define regions for the IRCamTrack overlay picture files and directly transfer data to the device.


Wi-Fi system using OSC protocol to identify users and performers by their weight profile. As various performers step on to the sensor an OSC message will be sent to the network identifying the performer.